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Case Study on Heavy Duty Rack Supported Floor Implementation By AME - Racking store in UAE

Heavy Duty Rack Supported Floor by AME Racking & shelving store in UAE

In the bustling household sector of Umm al Quwain, a major player faced storage challenges with traditional pallet racking, as is the case with many scenarios of warehouse racking in Dubai and all over UAE .To overcome limited accessibility and wasted vertical space, the company turned to AME Storage Solutions LLC, a leading name among racking and shelving stores in the UAE, to implement a cutting-edge heavy-duty rack supported floor. This case study explores the seamless design and execution of this project, highlighting its impact on optimizing storage space and streamlining operations in the field of warehouse racking in Dubai and UAE.


A prominent player in the household sector, identified inefficiencies in their traditional pallet racking system. Issues such as limited accessibility, wasted vertical space, and slow retrieval times necessitated a shift towards a more efficient solution. AME Racking, as one of the premier racking companies in the UAE, stepped in to address these challenges with a heavy-duty rack supported floor, aiming to enhance overall storage efficiency.

Project Scope for AME; Racking store in UAE :

Spanning 1500 sq. mtr., the warehouse housed a diverse range of household products. The project aimed to design and implement a heavy-duty rack supported floor that would accommodate bulk storage of goods efficiently. AME Racking’s cross-functional team, comprising warehouse managers, logistics experts, and structural engineers, collaborated to design a system using high-strength steel frames for durability and an intelligent layout to optimize workflow.

Design and Implementation:

The design process prioritized durability and workflow efficiency. The installation was carried out in a phased approach, minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations. AME Racking’s installation team worked closely with clientside staff, ensuring a seamless transition from the old system to the new heavy-duty rack supported floor infrastructure.


The implementation of AME Racking’s heavy-duty rack supported floor yielded significant benefits for the client:

  1. Optimized Storage Space:

    A 100% increase in storage capacity allowed efficient handling of a higher volume of products within the existing facility.

  2. Improved Accessibility:

    Easy access to products reduced retrieval times, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  3. Enhanced Flexibility:

    The system allowed the warehouse to adapt to changing inventory needs, effectively accommodating both fast-moving and slow-moving goods.

Safety Measures:

AME Racking prioritized safety throughout the design and implementation phases. The heavy-duty rack supported floor incorporated features such as beam safety locks and handrails. Staff training programs ensured proper usage and adherence to safety protocols.


Quantitative data revealed a 20% increase in order fulfillment speed, reducing lead times. The new system accommodated an additional 5,000 boxes, leading to a significant improvement in overall storage density. Qualitative feedback from warehouse staff highlighted a smoother workflow and reduced physical strain. Management observed a decline in error rates and an increase in customer satisfaction due to faster order processing. Overall, warehouse efficiency  was much improved.

The successful implementation of AME Racking‘s heavy-duty rack supported floor has positioned the client  as a frontrunner in the household market. The combination of increased storage capacity, improved accessibility, and a strong focus on safety has resulted in a streamlined and future-ready operation. As a leading name among racking and shelving stores in UAE, AME Storage Solutions LLC continues to pave the way for innovative storage solutions, transforming warehouses into efficient and productive spaces.

Ame Racking & shelving store’s extensive range of solutions caters to the diverse needs of businesses in the UAE, offering not just storage solutions but a transformative journey toward efficiency, safety, and unparalleled space utilization. For those seeking the pinnacle in warehousing dynamics, Ame Racking stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise. For warehouse racking in Dubai and allover UAE, AME Storage solutions will be your trusted partner.

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