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    Our company specializes in supplying high-quality shelving products and warehouse racking and shelving services in UAE to fulfill the specific requirements of organizations in various industries. Pallet racks, cantilever storage systems, mezzanine floors and other racking & shelving solutions are available with us. Our products are manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure durability, strength, and lifespan, and are intended to maximize storage space, boost operating efficiency, and maximize productivity. AME Storage Solutions, the best among racking system suppliers in UAE recognizes that each organization has distinct storage needs, and we are devoted to offering tailored solutions to fulfil these needs. We take pleasure in providing tailored solutions to match our clients’ individual demands, no matter how complicated or difficult their requirements may be. We collaborate closely with our customers to obtain a thorough understanding of their storage requirements and difficulties, and we utilize this expertise to create bespoke solutions that add actual value. Our skilled team is always available to give expert advice and assistance to help you make the right decision for your company. We take pride in providing excellent customer service and are committed to ensuring that our clients are entirely happy with our goods and services. Hence, whether you want a basic shelving system or a complicated, multi-tier shelving system, you can rely on AME Storage Solutions to deliver high-quality, tailored racking solutions that meet and surpass your expectations.

    Heavy Duty Racking | AME Storage Solutions LLC| warehouse racking & SHELVING SERVICES IN UAE

    Heavy Duty Racking

    Our heavy duty racking systems are ideal for warehouses, storage facilities, and any other location where large capacity storage is required. Heavy duty racking systems are available in 3 configurations: plywood decking, drop-over panels, and wire mesh decking.
    Pallet Racking | AME Storage Solutions LLC| racking system suppliers in UAE

    Pallet racking 

    The pallet racking systems are comprised of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the demanding requirements of your warehouse operations. We provide three different types of pallet racking systems: regular pallet racking, pallet racking with pallet supports, and VNA pallet racking. 
    Fabricated structural mezzanine floor| AME Storage Solutions LLC| warehouse shelving UAE

    Fabricated structural mezzanine floors 

    Industries looking to increase storage spaces without incurring expensive building expansion or relocation costs will find our constructed structural mezzanine floors to be suitable. We provide three types of mezzanine flooring: fabricated grating, fabricated plywood, and fabricated checkered plate mezzanine floors. 
    Rack Supported Floor| AME Racking

    Rack supported floor

    We specialize in rack supported flooring systems and offer high-quality solutions for all of your warehouse needs. We provide three different types of rack-supported flooring: single rack-supported floor, multi-tyre rack-supported floor, and quarter-pole mezzanine.  
    AME Racking and Shelving | Best Racking and Shelving Provider in UAE | AME Storage Solutions LLC SERVICES

    Supermarket shelving

    Supermarket shelving is a great option for grocery shops, convenience stores, and other retail enterprises that want to maximize their store space. We have three varieties of shelving available from us: wall mounted shelving, double sided shelving, and perforated shelving. 
    AME Racking and Shelving | Best Racking and Shelving Provider in UAE | AME Storage Solutions LLC SERVICES

    Bolt free racking 

    We set up the bolt free racking system with durability in consideration. It is made of high quality materials and is designed to resist even the worst storage conditions. Moreover, with boltless racking, you can tailor your storage solution to your individual requirements.
    AME Racking and Shelving | Best Racking and Shelving Provider in UAE | AME Storage Solutions LLC SERVICES

    Drive in rack 

    Drive in racking is used to store items at high density. Forklifts may drive straight into the rack to store and retrieve pallets in this arrangement, eliminating the need for lanes between each rack. Its design maximizes space efficiency, making it perfect for those who require a large volume of goods to be stored. 
    AME Racking and Shelving | Best Racking and Shelving Provider in UAE | AME Storage Solutions LLC SERVICES

    Barrel rack and Cable rack 

    Barrel Rack is ideal for storing and arranging your barrels. Our barrel racks are built to last and are made from high-quality materials. Whether you're wanting to manage your projector system or your professional recording studio, our Cable Rack is the ideal solution. 
    AME Racking and Shelving | Best Racking and Shelving Provider in UAE | AME Storage Solutions LLC SERVICES

    Cantilever racking 

    The high quality cantilever racking systems help to maximize storage space and increase efficiency. Our cantilever racking solutions are intended to store long, bulky goods like timber, steel pipes, and other building materials efficiently. It helps you increase your workflow and stay within your budget. 
    AME Racking and Shelving | Best Racking and Shelving Provider in UAE | AME Storage Solutions LLC SERVICES

    Slotted angle shelving and Long span shelving 

    Slotted angle shelving is a flexible and cost effective storage solution that may be used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Long span shelving is a heavy-duty storage system that can hold larger and heavier goods. This long span shelf works well in warehouses, factories, and other industries.
    wiremesh partitions

    Storage wiremesh partitions 

    Wire mesh partitions are ideal for businesses and organizations that want safe storage rooms on their premises. These are made of high-quality steel wire mesh panels firmly welded to durable steel frames. These partitions are simply customizable to fit any room and may contain doors, windows, and other features as desired. 
    Medium Duty Racking | AME Storage Solutions LLC |racking system UAE

    Medium duty racking 

    Medium duty racking system is built with sturdy and long-lasting steel uprights and beams. The system is straightforward to assemble and can be customized to match your individual storage needs. Our medium-duty racking system can accommodate the storage of boxes, containers, and other items. 
    Tyre Racking | AME Storage Solutions LLC| racking companies in UAE

    Tyre racking

    The workbench is simple to install, comes with clear instructions, and includes all essential components, making it the ideal addition to your workshop. Our tyre racking system is ideal for arranging your tyres and keeping your workstation clean. 
    Cold Storage Pallets| AME Storage Solutions LLC| racking system Dubai

    Cold storage pallets 

    Our cold storage pallets are suited for use in  conditions with temperatures as low as -30 °C. We have high-quality cold storage pallets for your storage requirements, which are intended to suit the specific requirements of cold storage facilities, ensuring that your items remain fresh and at the proper temperature.
    AME Racking and Shelving | Best Racking and Shelving Provider in UAE | AME Storage Solutions LLC SERVICES

    Fabricated chutes and stairs

    Fabricated chutes are designed to carry products from one level to another with little spillage and utmost safety. Our fabricated stairs are intended to enable safe and simple access between different levels of your property or structure.  
    Fabricated chutes and stairs | AME Storage Solutions| racking and shelving company in UAE

    Moving staircase and chute

    The moving staircases and chutes is to make accessing and sorting your stored items even easier. Moving staircases, often referred to as mezzanine stairs, are a efficient way to get access to high storage rooms. Chutes are a practical way to transport objects conveniently between multiple levels of storage. 
    AME Racking and Shelving | Best Racking and Shelving Provider in UAE | AME Storage Solutions LLC SERVICES

    Mobile shelving

    Mobile shelving is an ideal choice for businesses and organizations that want to enhance storage capacity while using as little floor space as possible. These units are made up of shelves installed on a carriage or carriage system, which is then fixed on floor tracks.
    plastic bins and crates

    Plastic bins and crates

    The plastic bins and crates are built of high-quality materials and are meant to be long-lasting, lightweight, and simple to use. They are perfect for warehouses, factories, and other industries. We can customize our items to meet your specifications, including unique colors, sizes, and branding.
    Safety barriers and column guards | AME Storage Solutions LLC| racking & shelving services in UAE

    Safety barriers and column guards

    Our safety barriers are intended to safeguard both your staff and your equipment. They are composed of high-quality materials and are long-lasting. Our column guards are intended to safeguard your workplace's columns from unintentional impacts. They are built for reducing damage to your columns and its surroundings
    Trolley | warehouse racking services in UAE

    Pallet Jacks and trolleys

    Pallet jacks are built to help you move big items quickly and easily. Our pallet jacks can bear many tons of weight due to their durable construction and ergonomic design. The trolleys are another excellent instrument for increasing the efficiency of your storage and transportation. 


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      Slitting is used to cut raw material - a wide coil of steel or metal or the mother coil - into a number of narrower coils called slitted coils.


      In the stamping process, holes are punched according to the mould made to create multiple shaped holes. Punch tooling is made of hardened steel so that the punched holes are as clean as possible.


      After stamping, the punched baby coils are sent for bending or forming and cutting. In bending, the metalwork is bent along a straight axis that products V-shape, U-shape or channel shape according to the production requirements for the metalwork.


      Moulds are accurately made wire cut EDM machine to create the required stamping patterns


      In forming and cutting, the metalwork is formed and cut to sizes according to the requirements to ultimately form a desired roll-formed profile.


      Powder coating is a process where epoxy polymer powder finishes are coated on formed


      To permanently join the multiple metal parts together into usable products, welding is carried out by melting both adjoining materials. As the molten metal quickly cool, the two adjoining pieces are then permanently bonded. Spot welding is a popular welding method where contacting metal surfaces are joined by the heat obtained from resist- ance against electric current flow.

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